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Weddingbells 30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers for 2015


Last week, you may have seen me post about this on my social media but I wanted to do a proper post here and thank Weddingbells for naming me one of the 30 most inspiring wedding photographers for 2015. What! You read that right, little ol’ me inspiring, Weddingbells sure knows how to make a girl feel special! And what I great group of photographers to be a part of this year and past years. I needed to mention that because many of the photographers that I look up to and are truly inspired by have been part of this group, I am so so so honoured!

There’s also so many other people I want to thank because I didn’t get to where I am in my business by myself, there’s a huge group of supporters and generous people with their time and talent that don’t always get recognized in writing but I do always try to make an effort to show them how much I appreciate them in person. First off, I want to thank all my amazing couples and families who entrust in me with their special days, major milestones and everyday fleeting moments! Without you I wouldn’t be able to do what I love and for that I’m truly thankful! And to Joee Wong who gave me the push I needed to get into wedding photography and took me under his wing. He’s so much more than a mentor, I’m very lucky to have such a good friend to share all this crazy ride with. I also need to thank Claudia Hung, who showed me the ropes to wedding photography early on. Who was always honest with me and provided very valuable critiques to help me improve. I always wanted to learn more and she was always willing to teach. It’s so inspiring to see another female wedding photographer so successful but still so down to earth. To my main associate, Francis, who puts up with my many antics but always has my back, thank you. Weddings would not be as fun and entertaining! To the rest of my associates that step in and take the time out of your busy lives to share your talent and support, it is truly appreciated and know that I will always do that same in return.  And then there’s all the wonderful friendors (I don’t like the word vendor, I can’t remember where I read this but someone once said “We’re not selling hotdogs, so don’t call us vendors” you’re all way too talented for me to call you vendors) I’ve met along the way and have had a privilege to work with that make my job that much easier and way more enjoyable. What can I say, you guys make my work look good! I’m trying not to make this post into a novel so I won’t list you all out but you know who you are! You each have a special place in my heart.

And of course my family and friends, where do I even begin? I can’t even explain how supportive you all have been. From always liking my work (even when you probably haven’t look at it yet) to babysitting K into the late late hours so that I can work without worries. Listening to me stress about how hard it is to run a business, bounce my crazy ideas around with me, pick me up when I’m low and celebrate my highs even when I’m too embarrassed to do it. A million thanks and that’s probably not enough.

To my husband, remember when you said “You have one year to try this (wedding photography) out and if worse comes to worse you can always look for a job, what do you have to lose?”, look at how far I’ve come! It isn’t always easy but I’m so incredibly thankful that you took that leap of faith in me and allowed me to go after my dreams.

My little K, you drive me crazy (like today) but you’re the reason I do this, even before you were born I knew I wanted to be able to spend time with you everyday and watch you grow. Being a photographer allows me to do that and hopefully one day when you’re old enough you’ll appreciate all the things everyone else has done so that you and I can build puzzles, jump in the snow, point out all the animals in your books and run around in circles all the time.

Love many things, for therein lies the true strength,
and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.

– Vincent Van Gogh


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