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The Mediterranean and the Greek Isles

For the longest time, even before we were engaged, my husband and I wanted to do a trip to Europe. Then things came up and we got busy and couldn’t find the time to go. Yes, we could have gone for our honeymoon but we had long decided that we would go to Hawaii, so Europe was delayed. Then finally earlier this year we’re like, ok, we’re going to save up money and vacation days to go to Europe this year. Yay! The problem was we couldn’t decide where in Europe we should go, there’s just too much to see and do. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and Greece so we finally decided that we would go on a cruise that covered both, plus a little bit extra. This way we could get a taste of each place and then possibly go back and spend more time in one place in the future. Turns out it was a great plan! We had an amazing time and 2 weeks flew by like you wouldn’t believe. We also finally got our first cruise under our belt, turned out to be everything that everyone raved about. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to lug around my big camera with me for 2 weeks but in the end I was definitely glad I brought it along! Here’s a few images from each of the places that we went to – France, Italy, Turkey and Greece.

I can’t wait to go back! 🙂

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