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Susan + Danny | Engagement

Happy 2013 everyone! I want to start off the new year with a post of a very special couple to me, Susan + Danny.

A couple years back, Susan says to me “Heidi, you’re going to be my wedding photographer when I get married.” And she wasn’t even engaged yet, she really knows how to make a girl feel amazing. Fast forward to November, 18, 2011 and Danny (finally) pops the question in one of the most thoughtful and heart melting ways. I think everyone gushes whenever Susan tells the proposal story and even though Danny tries to play it cool, I know he cares. Danny comes off as a funny and brutally honest guy but when it comes to Susan, he’s a lot more thoughtful and caring then most people give him credit for which I think is what he prefers (I probably shouldn’t blow his funny/cool guy cover). Back to Susan, right after she tells me she’s engaged she immediately tells me she wants me to be her photographer and of course I say yes!

For their engagement shoot, we really wanted to do something fun and different but still reflected the two of them. We bounced ideas back and forth with each other (you should have seen how long our emails were lol) and really liked the idea of an antique carousel. I think at one point we even talked about making a weekend trip to NYC which would have been awesome but we couldn’t squeeze it in during the summer. Susan really liked the idea of the Toronto skyline too so Centreville became the perfect spot for us. On the very last day of the summer holidays we hopped on the ferry and made our way to the island. After a couple rounds around the carousel I was so nauseous and right after we jumped onto the ferris wheel, did I mention I’m afraid of heights? But I’m glad we did it, ’cause it was actually really fun and I forgot how high up we were when we were going around and around. It was good to be back on solid ground after the ride though.Susan’s favourite snacks are candies, so we had to make a stop at the candy shoppe! We wanted some cotton candy too but they were all sold out, boo.I loved the outfits they chose, they coordinated but weren’t matchy-matchy.They are just awesome together! And this Sat I’ll be an guesdor (guest + vendor) at their wedding, it’ll be a first for me and I can’t wait photograph their special day and party away the night together.
Location | Centreville, Toronto Islands
Videography | Ramon, RC2 Films
Make-up | Rhia, Artistrhi
Susan’s custom earrings | Connie, Studio C, Bridal and Fashion Jewellery

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