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Snow Day!

I’ve been dying for some real snow, like mounds of it where cars get stuck and schools get cancelled, the works! Well it finally happened! This is the Canadian winter that I’ve been so nostalgic for. With all the crazy weather lately going from hot to cold, to wet to dry, I was patiently waiting for it to snow like it meant it. I know some people think I’m nuts, who wants to shovel all this snow!? I don’t want to shovel (but I did!), I want to play in the snow and hoping to let Kali experience snow for real. Last winter, she was too young, she was pretty much indoors hibernating but this year we finally got a chance to bundle her up and toss her in the snow. Ok, I didn’t toss her, although I was tempted since there was a ton of snow for her to land on. I did drop her in and at first she was ok until she face planted and that’s where it went downhill lol.

Here she is getting ready, all excited until she looked down and was like, what are those??

First time sitting in the snow 🙂After her face plant she was desperately looking to us to save her, poor girl hehe.It’s ok, daddy made it all better!This time we’ll try going in the snow with daddy…Not bad, not bad, better…Catching snowflakes with her eyelashes.So happy to go back home lol. Hopefully next time she’ll like it better 🙂

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