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Lauren | Bridal Portraits | Bloomsbury Farm, Tennessee



As a creative, I always believed in taking the time to, well…be creative. Not to say that I’m not being creative when I’m photographing my shoots but it’s different when you shoot something for a client and something purely for yourself. Last month, in the midst of busy wedding season, I took a few days to myself and took a film photography workshop in Tennessee. I spent weeks debating if I should even go, all the things that were telling me it’s a bad idea – I’m super busy with wedding season, I’ll be shooting film something I haven’t shot with in a long time, I’ll be going by myself and leaving the hubby and daughter at home, and did I mention it’s wedding season? Well all those things that were telling me I shouldn’t turned out to be all the reasons I should go. Sure I was completely out of my comfort zone but I met some really inspiring people and found time to really slow down for the first time in a long time.

I’ve always loved film photography, it’s how I learned to shoot when my dad gave me his 35mm camera. I used to spend hours shooting and developing rolls of film in the darkroom which I’ve really missed. There’s something really gratifying about shooting film and not seeing your images right away, taking the time to compose your shot before you click. I left the workshop feeling energized for the remaining of my wedding season and portrait sessions. My head has been bubbling with all kinds of ideas and I can’t wait to share how my business will change and grow.

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking through this first half of the photos from the workshop, I’ll be posting the second half soon.

Photographed with Contax 645, Portra 400


Workshop | Belle Lumière
Cameras | Contax Rental
Location | Bloomsbury Farm
Lab | Film Box
Styling | Ginny Au
Rentals | 12th table
Hair and MUA | Amanda Gros
Teachers | Elisa Garvis Bricker, Edward Bricker, Austin Gros and Ryan Bernal

Model | Lauren Ledford
Dress | Dress Theory
Designer | Rue de Seine
Florals | Caroline Jones with 12th table

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