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Kaya | Giggles, Grass + Airplanes

Last week my cousins were visiting from Boston and we were talking about how fast their daughter’s growing up and how it’s hard for them to take photos of her since she has so much energy and doesn’t stay still anymore. So when we got together, we took Kaya to a near by park so that she could play and I could take some photos of them.

It’s always so funny to watch kids and their reactions to things that we “grown-ups” wouldn’t even think twice about. Like long blades of grass, little puddles of water and airplanes flying by over our heads. It didn’t matter what Kaya was doing at the park, as soon as an airplane flew by she would stop what she was doing and just watch them with such curiosity. There was also an area with a bunch of trees that she was super determined to get to, it didn’t matter if you picked her up and ran her to the other side of the park, she’d still find her way back to those trees, so random and cute!

Last time I saw Kaya she was barely standing, this time she was running around like a little monkey, maybe next time she’ll be talking! Then she can tell us why she loves watching airplanes fly by 😉

  • Sau-Han

    Beautiful pictures and models 😉 !!! Very proud of you, love, ang-teReplyCancel

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