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Fine Art Wedding Albums


One of my earliest memories of being drawn to photography was not actually the act of taking photos but the product of it. I remembered how much I loved looking at my parents’ collection of prints and their wedding album. I really enjoyed those nights where my sister and I would be sitting on my parents’ bed flipping through their wedding album, asking my mom and dad about their special day so many years ago but they would reminisce like it was yesterday. Even though we’re all grown up now, we still take the time to flip through those memories once in awhile. There’s just something about holding tangible prints, looking at them and seeing how time has affected them and the history they carry. Once in awhile, on the back of the prints someone will have noted a little message on them or maybe scribbled a name and date, it’s those things that I find so fascinating when looking back on them.


When a couple opts for a wedding album, my heart always skips a couple beats for joy! Knowing that their wedding images won’t be forgotten on a hard drive or worse, lost somewhere on a cloud but instead enjoyed by them, their friends and families for generations to come, makes me sleep better at night.


These fine art wedding albums are all carefully designed and then crafted with the finest archival materials. Luxurious fabrics to cover and protect the albums and inside fine art matte paper that really enhance the colours.


Always remember to print your images!

One day, I hope that you’ll be sharing your prints and wedding album with your kiddies, just like how I hope that one day to be sitting in bed and my daughter runs over with our wedding album asking us to share with her our memories of our special day.


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