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Ellen + Thai | Wedding Portraits Re-shoot

Ellen + Thai’s story is a little different, as you can probably tell from the title of this post. Earlier this summer Ellen had contacted Joee and told him about her destination wedding and unfortunately what turned out to be her extremely disappointing wedding photos. It’s so heartbreaking to hear that the destination photographer that covered her wedding did not listen to her at all, treated her and Thai just like another “job” he had to get through and basically left Ellen very upset for months! That’s no way to remember your wedding day memories. So when Joee told me that he was going to re-shoot Ellen + Thai’s wedding portraits I was more than happy to assist. We started out the day documenting Ellen getting glammed up. Then we went to a few spots around Toronto, including a really cool old bookstore that Ellen + Thai had pre-scouted. Initially the shoot was only suppose to be a couple hours but we were having such a great time that when we finally wrapped up, it was only because the sun was completely gone!       It was unfortunate what Ellen + Thai had to go through in order for us to meet but at the end of the shoot they were super happy! I think this experience really made them value the relationship they had built with Joee which was seriously missing with their initial photographer. The relationship between the couple and photographer is so important, I mean you’re trusting this person to document a major milestone in your life. I would think that photography is at the top of the list for anyone’s wedding, well next to the dress of course.

After this shoot, Ellen + Thai went on a 3 week long honeymoon to Asia. They were so happy when we left them that I’m sure their B.M.W. was a success!! 😉

(Ellen + Thai taught us the acronym B.M.W. hehe)

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