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Bronwyn + Waiman | Fetching and the Ex

Bronwyn + Waiman have a cute little Yorkie named Kimi, I may be a little biased because my family has one as well. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Kimi so I was excited to get the chance to photograph him. Before heading off to the Ex, we went to a nearby leash-free park to play fetch with Kimi. Bronwyn and Waiman have this contraption that is like a stick with a cup at the end that lets you pick-up the ball and throw it without having to touch the ball itself. Why am I so impressed with something that sounds so simple? Because the ball always gets insanely slobbery and up until this point I’ve always put up with it ’cause I love my dog so much but now that I know there’s an alternative I’ll definitely be dropping by the pet store ASAP hehe.

As soon as we were on the street Kimi did what dogs do best, pick-up something random in his mouth 😛Once Kimi had enough we brought him home and headed to the Ex. This time we played games that were for people. Check out the determination on Waiman’s face. “Keep your eye on the prize!” aka the big stuffed dog, a future companion for Kimi!No stuffed dog this time but it was still a lot of fun! Better luck next time when it’s not as windy 😉

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