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Annie + Mason | Wedding, Montréal

During the labour day weekend, I had the opportunity to second shoot for Joee. We headed over to Montréal to photograph Annie + Mason’s super fun wedding. We drove up separately and went a day early to scout out the area. I left a couple hours earlier because I needed a head start since my car can’t quite keep up with Joee’s lol! I got there in pretty good time, checked into Hyatt hotel and then not long after that Joee arrived. Later we met up with James down at the lobby and the JW team was complete. James lives in Montréal so he was kind enough to also be our tour guide for the day.

We headed over to Square Victoria and Old Montréal to do some scouting for the wedding. We ended up in this area where two buildings were connected together by glass ceilings, it was pretty cool. Plus they had this infinity pool which was hard to resist. After that it was getting late in the evening and both Joee and I came armed with a list of food places we wanted to stock up on to bring back to Toronto but before we did that we made a pit stop at this fancy burger bar (James’ reco!) called m:brgr which should totally be called mmmmmm:brgr hehe! Probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! They had tons of choices and even had a section called “crazy expensive” where you can get truffles on your burger for like an extra $15 or something “crazy” like that. Once we were refueled, we proceeded to hit up all the Montréal food hot spots – Schwartz, Orange Julep, Chocolat 88, and St.Viateur. We managed to do all of this in a few hours, we called it an early night and headed back to the hotel. It did take me awhile to fall asleep though, I was really excited for Annie + Mason’s wedding!

The day started out at Annie’s parents’ place where Annie was getting ready for the Vietnamese ceremony. A lot of her friends and family were already there so the whole place was buzzing with excitement! Some people were pretty stressed out too but not Annie, she was totally calm and just enjoying the fact that it’s her wedding day which so many brides forget to do! She was getting all dolled up and waiting for her groom to arrive.

When Mason arrived he brought his entire entourage, it was quite impressive! During the Vietnamese ceremony the families greeted each other, prayed to their ancestors and said warm wishes in the union of the two families. Even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying I could feel the joy and understand through their gestures. They then brought Annie back to Mason’s parents’ place and performed similar rituals, the families were united! Once all the Vietnamese ceremonies were completed, Annie went back to their condo to change into her wedding gown. I stayed behind with Mason while he got ready in his tux, you could tell it was starting to sink in for him at that point!

Looking sharp while waiting for his bride to arrive!So I mentioned earlier that Annie + Mason’s wedding was super fun, that’s because not only are they really nice people and really attentive to their guests, they incorporated some modern twists and a few surprises throughout the day. The first one was at the ceremony, where they toasted a shot to each other before pulling out their vows on their iPhone 4s!It was such a sweet ceremony, they were both smiling from ear to ear at each other! They made my heart melt. It was held outdoor at Chateau St-Ambroise. The area had a similar feeling to the Distillery District in Toronto. We then headed back to the city center for their creative portrait session which they totally rocked!Ok, anyone who knows me well knows I have a crazy obsession for designer vinyl toys. One of my fav artists is Simone Legno of Tokidoki. So when I walked into their reception and saw their cake topper my heart sang and I went snap happy over their cake (cupcake tower)! I knew Annie + Mason had awesome taste! In case you’re wondering, that’s Adios and his girlfriend Ciao Caio or his wife now ;). It didn’t take long for the party to get started! Annie + Mason entered the reception and everyone got out onto the dance floor and busted out all kinds of moves, especially Mason, he can seriously dance!At the end of the night when everyone was out on the dance floor again, Mason came and handed out glow sticks! I swear the energy in that room went up 10-fold after that! It was so awesome seeing everyone having such a great time, definitely lots of killer dance moves, fist pumping and some beating the beat too! I can’t even remember how many hours we shot that day but it was so much fun that the whole day flew by so fast! Annie + Mason, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day. You guys, your friends and family were all so great to us, totally made us feel so welcomed and part of the gang. I’m so glad to have met you guys and come visit us in Toronto anytime!

  • Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous…what amazing shots! Sigh…don’t you just LOVE Montreal? We go there at least once per year. And NO…we can never miss Schwartz, St. Viateur…not to mention The HABS. 😉 Great work!!ReplyCancel

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